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ME - It's All About Me-Thod

In the beginning we at TransformaCon created ATOM (analyze, transform, optimize, and maintain). ATOM needed structure and discipline and so TransformaCon created ME-thod. ATOM and ME-thod traveled happily amongst our clients sharing the good news that real business transformation occurred as long as “It was all about ME”.

ATOM was the first being created by TransformaCon. ATOM is a machine that never gives up, never fails, by following a tested, proven methodology to get the hard work of business transformation and IT systems innovation completed on-time and on-budget. We work with you to build and run your Program Management Office, and use the ATOM toolkit to facilitate Strategic Leadership, deploy a governance that works, and standardize the methods and tools used to support program and project execution that is on-time,on-budget and within scope. Whether it’s Oracle eBusiness ERP or CRM, or cloud-based applications like SalesForce, our team has experience.


It’s all about ME-thod.  This patent-pending methodology is adaptive, morphing to virtually any project, program or product management scenario.  This includes embracing Agile or iterative design and project philosophies, traditional linear Waterfall approaches which still work well for many packaged cloud services and products, as well as a hybrid approach that mixes & matches Agile and Lean task sets and deliverables within the same project(s) and program(s).

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