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UMIS - Utility Management Information Systems

UMIS was born of ATOM and ME when the pair had little to spend. UMIS grew up in austere times and quickly grew to appreciate the opportunity to conserve what’s around us to have a better life. UMIS now tackles all the utilities,

electric, gas, water even waste and trash.


The UMIS service line is a blueprint to attack a company’s largest “uncontrollable expense”, making costs transparent and more manageable by gaining a continuous, integrated, holistic view of utility utilization and energy performance, compiled by a broad array of sensing and control points, data feeds, and analytics. We’re leveraging information technology and experience from our team such as:


  • Multi-Site Energy Conservation Measures (ECM) – experience monitoring, controlling and supporting ECM at massive, multi-site global retail enterprise scales for the likes of WalMart, Home Depot, BestBuy, etc. 

  • Resort Operations – leading, consulting for international hotel/resort chain utility operations, and

  • Instrumenting Data Centers, Operations – providing new cost effective technology for energy insights and control.


By leveraging industry standard sensors, load controls and metering, clients can

avoid the expense of integrating or replacing building or energy management systems, accomplishing the given goals in many cases with open, commodity Internet Protocol addressed devices. The arrival of UMIS signals the end of closed systems and islands

of data. By capturing timely utility data in our cloud based service offering, our client’s operations and facilities leadership can have visibility into important details and make time critical decisions more effectively. Automation can link occupancy with utilization to curtail loads when not needed. Models can be run to highlight anomalous utilization behaviors to catch spikes before they become costly. The list goes on. By being open and flexible, UMIS can be deployed slowly and progressively at the

site- or enterprise level.

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