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ABEL - Biz In a Box

TransformaCon saw what they had made and it was good. Alas, time was evolving, and ATOM and ME-thod needed to move faster, act quicker, be more agile, take advantage of the latest and greatest technologies, and most of all to allow their customers of all sizes to be fruitful. ATOM and ME-thod begat ABEL (Automation for Business Efficiency Logistics) and ABEL was born.


TransformaCon has developed a break-thru model in cloud computing that lets our clients access the latest, best-in-breed cloud apps, for the first time, in an integrated fashion. Clients can elect to choose one application like CRM or HCM and be sure to have a great standalone experience, or one integrated into their own cloud or in-house systems via our provisioning and orchestration automation. They can choose a turnkey option where virtually all IT service functions run in the public cloud, agile and easy to upgrade and maintain. They have TransformaCon’s century plus of best-practice business processes engineering to leverage, optimized for their specific public cloud app integration. They can even elect to have seasoned TransformaCon staffers selectively or wholesale run their front- and back-office processes, enABELing you to focus on what counts and not mundane tactical IT or operations tasks.

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