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CLOI - Optimize Your Client Contact Automation

CLOI, or Client Contact Automation, was born of ATOM and ME enabled to multi-task from the get-go.  Some think of Lakshmi, others see Durga.  All we know is she‘s very fast and efficient answering the phone and managing chats at the same time.

No longer will clients stand for Web Chats, IVRs, ACDs or support tools that put the burden back on

the caller. Clients today demand seamless Web Chat, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Web and IVR integration. As ERPs and CRMs go to the cloud and in- and out-bound initiatives get mixed by necessity, the importance of making the most of your best, scarce support and sales people is critical. We specialize in integrating your collaboration tools, including phone systems, to your existing or newer cloud based systems making measurable improvements in KPIs that matter.  CLOI is a vendor-agnostic capability, including seasoned experts in HW, SW & integration; on-site, hosted & virtual ACD & contact centers, including business process changes and system deployment.


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